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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Things to check when my dirt bike is not starting

Things to check when my dirt bike is not starting


Few basic things to check if your dirt bike won't start  after sitting for a while . people tell me that  their bike are great but after sitting for a winter or sitting for a few months it won't start or it
will start but it won't stay running most of the time. this article is about the Things to check when my dirt bike is not starting.

First of all it's a simple fix, a bike needs four basic things for it to run it needs
 ( air, compression, fuel and spark) 
  so I've come up with a few things to check to help get your bike back up and running or at least point you in the right direction before you take it to a shop.

We're going to need a basic set of hand tools rubber gloves for chemicals and safety glasses before we start.refer to your machines OEM service manual for proper safety information procedures and  torque specs.

Make sure we have fresh gas, check your fluid levels, check your oil, check your switches ,fuel valves ,if your bike has a battery we want to make sure it's charged, if it's not go ahead and charge it or replace it. 


Check for spark, let's  pull off the spark plug cap and then the  spark plug, make sure you are getting spark from your spark plug,to  do that   take the spark plug and install it back into the cap with the electrode facing out and hold that next to the head, now you want to hold the cap so that you don't get shocked and then we go ahead and we'll rotate the motor , check for the spark , if you found  any  dark buildup on the spark plug,  replace it with a new spark plug , and see if you get your spark back.

Air intake

want to check the air intake the air filter in the intake tract, make sure that it's clear of debris
see that the air intake is  clear, little bit of  dusty  that's okay.

                                         check how to clean your dirt bike

go ahead and pull off the air box cover expose our air filter and obviously it's been well-maintained before winter. 

                                   click here to know how to winterize your dirt bike .

so we'll go ahead and slide that out kind of check it out, it should be in the  good shape if you have checked my  how to winterizing dirt bike  make sure it's clear and clean looks great .

Fuel Carburetors

Next we're gonna want to check fuel carburetors,they  have lots of small passages   they gum up easily after  been sitting for a while ,so first turn the fuel petcock off and  pull the fuel valve,check for any build up, carb cleaner will clean that right off if you found some build up . then open the float Bowl ,  want to make sure, put a rug under our carburetor to catch whatever fuel is left in the float Bowl, make sure there is not any varnish buildup but that doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't buildup inside of the Jets.  Next have the Jets out  easy way to clean the jets out is you take carb cleaner, spray it through it with some compressed air or it's pretty cheap and  inexpensive to just replace the jet , check product details before buy online , when a carburetor bike sits for a period of time more often the pilot jet becomes clogged and the bike becomes hard to start or it will have items' issues as wel, it's even worse on smaller bikes as the pilot Jets have smaller holes so it will get clogged easily over time, make sure jets are clean.

 I hope these tips will help you to check when dirt bike is not starting.