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Monday, December 10, 2018

How to winterize a dirt bike properly under 15 minutes

How to winterize a dirt bike properly under 15 minutes


How to properly winterize a dirt bike for a long period of time, when you are not using, in my case it's winter time and  it's minus 20 degrees Celsius outside with a bunch of snow so unfortunately i  have to put dirt bike away  for the winter.

 Step :1

I always do is take  off the fuel line from gas tank  going to the carburetor right at the fuel shutoff,  grab myself some just regular old fuel hose so I don't make a mess slide it on to the fuel petcock there,  cut what I need and then just drain it into my jerrican ,   I normally use that bad cast for parts cleaning and what not I like to drain the whole entire gas tank just for the fact that come next season I'm gonna be putting fresh stuff in anyway I don't want any stale fuel in
there sitting over winter so drain it all out.


 Have to make sure you drain the carburetor bowl.  To do this there's a giant 17 millimeter nut on the base of the carburetor bowl,just wind that thing off and let it piss everywhere until it stops fuel just start dripping out and then just reinstall the plug , that means the carburetor is now dry . and the bowl will get gummed up with stale fuel because that's what does it more than anything.


I tip the bike over on its side and also back a bit so  I'm leaning it to the left and pushing down on the
rear to get all the fuel out of the tank


I go to the spark plug take the cap off take your spark plug out and what we're gonna do here is we're gonna fog the cylinder to prevent corrosion . so you take the plug out grab some fogging oil  and you just spray some down the hole not too much you don't want to drown the thing and then I just kick it over a few times to let it coat the cylinder wall give it another little kick., Another method while engine running just take your air filter off and spray it directly in the carburetor boot and kind of kill the engine with foggy oil it's another way you can do it


Reinstall your spark plug and another good idea is to remove the air filter off from  your bike especially if you're gonna be parking it in a garage  especially if you have mice in your garage. , the mice loved the air filter foam. so now it's just my habit I take it  out and take them all out anyway
for the season .and I cleaned up the lip for the filter and install a air filter cove these things are great cost like forty bucks it's a little expensive but for washing the bike and for storage
purposes like this it's it's awesome completely seals off the engine and if there were mice to get in here there's be nothing they could really feast on or nested  reinstall the seat and one


I do is lube my chain so it doesn't get rusty before the winter or over the winter I should say wipe off a little excess


Remove the battery and put on the charger. don't forget to do this charge your battery , you are  likely to buy new battery when you failed to do, and you're done.

That's it you winterized your dirt bike properly . your  bike should be good to go for next season this process is the same for two stroke for stroke and anyway I hope you guys enjoyed and
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