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Monday, December 24, 2018

How to set up dirt bike handlebars ,levers, for riding on a track

How to set up dirt bike handlebars ,levers, for riding on a track


when you sit on your dirt bike is very important that dirt bike is set for you, you feel comfortable all the levers and your sifter, rear brake and handlebars are set correctly and you have a control over the bike 

Sitting Position

When you sit on your bike you're not sitting in the back of your bike, you have to sit in the front near your gas tank,  you never use back side of your seat, that's not really for you, so you are sitting on  the front edge, so you either sit  with your elbows up, and  your head is above the handlebars or you can be in the standing or Attack Position ,for that you bend your knees slightly ,your arch your back elbows up and  you will be  like half standing while riding.

Handlebars Position

In order to have your handlebars done correctly you're not supposed to have them  too forward or too  back, if you have them too back or   too low and you  cannot really maneuver,  you are losing quite a lot of balance, because your body will be in the way of handlebars, if you put them forward too much it's not stable in a higher speed, so if you run motocross you don't want to do that you don't really need this kind of setting, so bring your handlebars back to neutral position ,there are little numbers on the handlebars bring them to zero or maybe +1 that's the maximum ,so put it on a zero  or +1, tight it up like that,  when you are in the attack position you can still do everything keep your elbows up so this is this is the position you are supposed to have not too  low and not too high keep it on a zero or maybe +1,  so once your handlebars are set it's time to set your levers.

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Clutch Position

I like to run my clutch a little bit lower than my front brake. slightly angulated downwards compared to my  front brake . because I move the throttle obviously and somehow I found it easier to grab my front brake to keep one finger on my front brake if my front brake is a little bit higher I like it more like that. now for my clutch I go somewhere in the middle not too high not too low somewhere in the middle, because when you are on a bike when you are riding you are either in sitting on a bike
or  standing so the angle of your hand is changing and you want to find a position that would be suitable for both position for sitting and standing,so find something in the middle that you are able to keep your finger on the clutch at all time, then you can you can pull it easily when you are exiting
those  corners, when you need to shift it's always there you can easily access the clutch ,so this is  how a life can have it now , especially on the Japanese bikes you don't have hydraulic clutch, sometimes these clutches get a little hard to pull and especially if you are going to use one finger, you use the lever as it's supposed to be use the leverage ,so don't put the lever too close to your grip ,because then you would be pulling very close and your leverage is not too big ,so it's really hard to pull the clutch in , if I move my  clutch a little bit towards the middle of the handlebars now my leverage is way bigger now I can pull my clutch with one finger, so use their leverage of the levers same goes for a front brake,this is pretty much how I like to have it a little bit higher clutch,  and that's pretty much the basic setting for dirt bikes.

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