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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How to properly lube your dirt bike chain

How to properly lube your  dirt bike chain


How to properly lube your chain cause out there many of us are doing it wrong and they don't even know about it, let's go and read how to do this properly.

okay guys lube in your chain is a pretty easy simple and basic process but doing it in the correct way with the right products will help you give your chain a longer lifetime, once you wash your bike there
is a step that many people don't do and its  

"de greasing your chain"

This is really important because water isn't able to penetrate and  cannot clear  your chain completely from the loop and from dirt, you want to use a de-greaser I use the motul chain de-greaser and its working pretty good for me    which is a pretty strong de greaser that does the job and gets it quickly all clean.

second thing to do obviously is to use a chain lube there are many out there from different companies different products used for chain lube but what I really like about this chain lube WD 40  because you should think that the product you use for a chain on dirt bike will be good also on road bicycles ,off-road bikes are meant to go in dirt and dust and if you for example use just a general chain lube what will happen is once you're doing dirt all the sand dirt we'll easily stick on the chain, whereas with this product I it keeps the chain nice and clean lubricated but it's not as sticky as other products ,the whole time I see people doing this completely wrong you don't want to apply the lube on top of the chain because on the  chain top is having no friction at all, but  the chain is touching the whole time on the sprocket underneath ,so it's where you want to apply the lube and you don't want to spin the wheel in the wrong direction because if you're using a chain with a clip that's closed with a clip you might
damage the clip or even get it off you want to spin in the right direction, and the place where you want to put your lube is underneath on the chain and near the sprocket  and the wheel  should be turned anti clock wise so that the lube will cote the sprocket  and also the chain immediately after applying , because you can have your hand pretty stable underneath the chain and just spin the wheel you want to lube both lanes of the chain so that the lubricant gets inside the o-rings well if you are using a chain with your rings and you want to more or less do one complete spin of lube and that's it be sure not to over do by applying too much chain lube, but just be sure that you've applied it on the whole chain so that you did a complete spin.

lastly after you applied the chain lube what you want to do after about few minutes,check the tension of the chain because if it was dry for a long time the chain might have seemed tight but after you applied the lubricant and it gets loose ,the chain also will be loosen and so you might want to adjust the chain.  this said I hope you enjoyed the article  leave a comment  if you liked it . 

photo courtesy : motosport