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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to corner on a dirt bike (slick turn )

How to corner on a dirt bike (slick turn )

How to corner on a dirt bike (slick turn )

hi gys  Mike here ,in this article  we're going to teach you how to corner a diert bike (slick turn a dirt bike ) in three awesome steps 


1: entry ,

2:body position ,

3:controlling your throttle to keep the wheels to the ground,

 step 1: 

 we're going to talk about the entrance of the turn coming into the turn and getting set up to accelerate out everything that we're gonna work on today is getting the tires to stick to the ground the earth is working against this if we don't have a berm or a rut so what you want to think about here is instead of tightening the turn up meaning coming on the very  inside and making the turn sharper we're gonna set up on the outside of the straight away that's coming into the turn to make it a little longer you want to typically set up and sit down on your bike a little sooner to get your center of gravity lower to the ground because there is less traction so if you're standing up your center of gravity is higher so there's a little less weight down low and on the tire so you're gonna lose traction a little easier on the hard pack stuff so you can set up a little earlier set your turn up a little wider that's gonna give you the opportunity to kind of get on the gas a little earlier and also not turn so sharp

 step 2

  we're gonna talk about body position okay that's probably gonna be the most important component to keeping the bike attached to the earth in gaining speed coming out of the turn so the difference in a traditional rut or a berm turn is that you're gonna move your weight on top of the bike rather than in line with the bike the reason that we do that is when we add weight the top of the bike it's putting force down to the inside of our tires and we put force to the inside of our tire that's creating more traction and we can then in turn carry more speed without sliding the bike out front or rear-end another great thing to think about is you want to put weight into your foot peg you want to weight the outside of the bike right we're trying to push pressure into the inside of the tires to get them to stick with the ground so put a little pressure of your foot on the outside foot into the foot peg and also some pressure from your knee into the shroud and just try to keep force down to the earth that's gonna help you create more attraction

 step 3 


Throttle control this is probably gonna be one that keeps you off the ground and keeps you leading the race hopefully you're leaving the race so what you want to think about you've got to be really really good at reading your surface okay there's gonna be flat turns that aren't super slick there's gonna be flat turns that are very slick and it's gonna be up to you to judge how much throttle how quickly and win okay so that's gonna be different in every turn to be more specific you really just want to turn the throttle on right and I'm talking like micro turn it on just to get the bike to start moving in the direction that you want to go when you get to the straightaway in creating traction with aatul if you turn the throttle really hard right away you're gonna break the wheel loose right away
and we're not gonna be able to take speed out of the tournament  so initially it's just turning it on you're feeling the bike it has traction you turn a little more and you've got to be you know kind of present with the wheel and knowing what's going on to really be able to carry a lot of straightaway speed which is typically where you make your passes so pay attention to the first part of your throttle and then also smooth out of the turn across the board in a slick turn just a little bit of throttle pass the halfway point of the turn the more momentum you can carry in and speed coming in without throttle
to give you some speed through the turn is gonna be better cause soon as you turn the throttle the wheel is prone to break loose and then also start to slide out all right guys we slick turned it ,



Follow the steps properly to corner a dirt bike , entrance ,body position and throttle is the important points to remember when cornering a dirt bike 
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