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Saturday, December 8, 2018

How to clean a dirt bike

How to clean a dirt bike 

How to clean a dirt bike

In this article we are going to discuss how to proper way to clean  a dirt-bike, continue reading.

step 1

Remove your seat before  washing the bike,  if you don't remove your seat over time your seat  will become waterlogged and very

step 2

 In the washing process is to remove your air filter and
place on there an air box cover if you don't have an air box cover I strongly recommend getting one  and it's a very cheap  moving on you need to find a way to plug your exhaust the easiest way is to find an exhaust plug that's purposely built for it  if not you got to improvise a piece of duct tape or a plastic cover whatever you can find just don't let water get down the tailpipe , i recomend buy one .

step 3

bike in position rather just washing it upright on the stand and
getting yourself all muddy do yourself a favor lay it over it's much easier that way and if you go ahead and lay it on the
fork rather than the handlebar it'll be much more stable when washing with the bike on its side,

spray off the undercarriage and the fenders  first , as soon as
you're done with that you can place the bike in upright position  let your bikes upright and all the main dirt and debris will go ahead and get some kind of soap you can use i recommend  use a Motul bike wash which works great, any other soap will do while the soap is soaking into the plastic and other parts of the bike you need to find a piece of scotch-brite most people ask how to pros get their
frame so clean well it's because they work and they scrub on them just take some elbow grease guys so find you some 3m scotch brite and it will pull all the black marks and scratches off the side of your frame the scotch brite will give you a factory finish more like an off the showroom floor look if you want the shiny look you can also use a brillo or SOS pad all they are is basically steel wool infused with some kind of soap that'll give your bike a shiny look all you have to do now is rinse it off make sure you have all the soap residue rinsed off the bike to prevent streaking and now you got a bike that looks like new with factory finish,


How to clean a dirt bike,Remove seat,place air filter cover, close exhaust, use bike wash, 3m scotch brite to clean frame , use the links to buy.

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