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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How to change dirt bike tire

How to change dirt bike tire


how to change a tire using the right technique and the proper tools this process should be pretty painless. 

I'll show you the way I go about it and the tools I prefer to use let's get started.

First step 

of course is to pull the wheel off the bike will do this by loosening the axle nut and sliding the axle out of the wheel then you'll need a wiggle the chain off the sprocket and pull the wheel straight back out of the swing-arm with the wheel off the bike will need to release the air out of the tube by pulling the valve stem core out , after that will loosen up the rim lock ,and push it in to relieve the pressure the most important tool of course is your Tire lever or Tire iron now some people call it basically a lever with a spoon shape on the end of it so you can grab and be in the tire and pull it over the rim this particular design I've been using for over 10 years now, and I've been really happy with it the shape of the end, works really well this is plated  to prevent from scratching the rim and the grip is really solid and you are not gonna bend or break one of these,
Before wrenching on the tire at all you'll want to pop the bead you can do this by flipping the tire lever over so the spoon shape is facing up and then pushed down so the tire goes into the center of the rim you'll need to do this on both sides by the way I always like to start with the spark aside down that way if your tire lever slips you don't bust your hand on the sprocket and with the rotor facing up it lessens the chance of it being bent.

To start working the tire off the rim you'll need to insert two tire levers a few inches apart with the spoon facing down push each lever in until you feel it hook on the bead of the tire, then work one lever over and then the next to remove one lever from the tire ,ease up on the pressure a little bit and wiggle the lever out you want to take about two inch bites out of the tire each time any more than that and you'll be struggling , there's gonna be a little gap where you can insert the tire lever try to hit
this gap each time is down on both sides of the rim this is the absolute key to making this task as easy as possible .

another thing to keep in mind if you're having trouble working the bead over is the push the rim lock
all the way in so that way it's not interfering with the tire if you've got colored rims and you're worried about scratching them I'd recommend using a set of rim protectors they snap onto the rim and protect the edge of it as you're pulling the bead of the tire over as you can see the rim protector covers the edge of the rim as you pull the bead of the tire over you can still use the tire levers just like normal and once you've got to be the tower over the protectors you could reach in and pull the protectors out and slide them down a few inches to continue working your way around the rim, now that you know how the rim protectors work ,we're gonna finish taking the rest of the tire off so just
continue working your way around two inch bites at a time with one side of the tire over the rim we're gonna flip the wheel over and follow the same exact process of pulling the be the tire over the edge of the rim.

once you've got both sides of the tire over the rim we're gonna place the wheel on the ground with
the rim lock facing down towards the ground then push the wheel down in the tire so that way you have a gap at the top between the rim and the tire start by pulling the wheel and the tire away from each other at the top where that gap is until you have the wheel about halfway out of the tire then pull
straight upwards towards your face and the wheel will come out of the tire .

How to put new tire on my dirt bike 

Started putting the new tire on to start off I'll put Tire powder or tyre talc  in the tire and roll it around this prevents the tire and tube from chafing against each other after that I'll insert the tube into the tire and add some pressure ,this allows the tube to Center itself within the tire, remove the valve stem
core from the tube and then we'll have to lube the tire, so we can begin mounting it onto the wheel for lubricant. I use Tire lube in a spray bottle the first thing we'll want to line up is the valve stem on the
tube with the hole on the rim and make sure your insert the wheel rotor decide first into the tire it helps to put a nut on the valve stem of the tube to hold it in place as we're working the  tire onto the
rim so work the bead over as far as you can by hand and then we'll get the rest of it with the tire levers again ,we're gonna be working rotor side up so that way the sprocket doesn't endanger your knuckles, insert your tire lever with the spoon facing down and as you're pulling the bead over, make sure you're not pinching the tube in there and also you'll want to be working with levers towards each other ,so that way one levers holding the bead while the others pulling the bead over the rim once you've got the bottom side of the tire ,onto the rim we'll have to get the Rim lock in place so put a tire lever on either side of the rim lock and once you've got the tire pulled over the rim lock push the rim lock upwards into the tire and that's all you'll need to do .

Before starting on the second side of the tire make sure your tube is pushed down all the way inside the tire that way it's not in the way and prone to getting pinched by the tire levers another really handy tool to have when putting the tire back on it's called a Bead buddy this holds the bead of the
tire over the rim and allows you to focus on mounting the rest of the tire , we're gonna have to lube the  side of the tire to use the bead buddy insert two tire levers and pull the bead of the tire over the rim the bottom part of the bead tool goes underneath the edge of the rim and the top part goes over hooking onto a spoke,

I prefer to put the bead buddy a few spokes to the right of the rim lock and then work the tire over the rim and a clockwise fashion ,I found it easiest to work in about two inch sections at a time while
alternating the tire levers so as you're pulling the tire over the rim take out the tire lever that's behind and move it about two inches past the tire lever you just used and follow the same pattern all the way around towards the end of it,

I would switch to about one-inch bites tire down in the middle of the rim this will give you the room necessary to pull the rest of the tire over the rim all, so only insert the tire lever far enough to where it grabs the edge of the rim if you go any farther than that you're risking pinching the tube just work   your way around and take your time this is where most people pinch their tubes, so exercise some patience here and just remember keep the bead and the tire down in the rim this will help you a lot.

one last thing to consider when you're pulling the tire over the rim with the lever try not to go all the way down with a lever just go to the point where the tire is going over the rim if you're going all the way down again ,you're risking pinching the tube as you near the end it's gonna be tough to insert and remove the tire levers ,so what you want to do is really the tension on the lever you're working with in order to insert the next lever , once you've got the tire mounted reinstall your valve stem core and add air until the bead seats on both sides many times you'll hear a pop when the bead seats onto the rim then set your pressure 12 to 14 . 

"Click here to check Recommended  tire psi"

It's a great idea to check your pressure a few hours later to make sure the tube is still holding air and of course don't forget to reinstall your rim lock nut and valve stem cap, now is a good time to wipe down the axle holes on the swing arm over time dirt and grease will build up here and it's hard to get to you when you're washing the bike .
when reinstalling your wheel the first thing to line up is your brake rotor and brake pads then pop your chain back on and apply some fresh grease to the axle before sliding it through before tightening your axle nut put a rag between the chain and sprockets and turn the wheel backwards this will bring the wheel all the way forward to the axle blocks and that's where you want it then tighten the axle
nut to the correct spec on this particular bike.  consider checking  manual.

I hope you learned how to change dirt bike tire, share if you like this article .
photo courtesy : atvmc