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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dirt Bike Neck Braces Buying Guide 2019

Dirt Bike Neck Braces Buying Guide 2019

Today  we are talking all about neck braces.  over the last few years from DIRT BIKE riders they've becoming very  popular you know with head and neck injuries definitely not something to be taken lightly. and these are built to take some of that impact, that stress away from the head and neck in the event of a crash and distribute it through the body so it just gives riders a little extra peace of mind but with that being said there's a lot of great options that you have to choose before buying NECK BRACES.  so today we're gonna go through about all the neck braces that are available today  &   we'll talk about the key features and the highlights of each one separate them from the rest.  I will give you some of my thoughts and feedback as well this will give you a good starting point to know which one you think is gonna be best for you .


https://amzn.to/2UAe44ZR4K coming from EVS now before I talk too much about this brace, couple things I want to get out of the way so first is with fitment it's very important no matter what neck brace you are buying you want to make sure that you do get the correct fitment . see sizing guides make sure you're referring to those when you pick up your size ,  the R4K  couple of features that we like about this is the weight. comes in at one pound so one of the you lightest make braces that we do
offer and also the price point you're going to be well under the 200$ mark so compared to the other neck braces in our lineup by far this is going to be the most affordable now as I mentioned earlier very light weight and the way that they do that's pretty unique IS  inside  you've got THE  red
material on the white AND  green this is a material called CHOROID and that's what the K stands for in the name, so what choroid is a unique material that's actually 95% air they're laser welded tubes so
keep whatever it is very lightweight that they're used in, but they also do an incredible job of absorbing impact and energy so it's a cool material that they're utilizing inside here, the way this opens and closes you've got a Velcro strap underneath the bottom so you'd pull that back you have the  tab on the front press on that that allows us to come apart so that's going to secure it together now in the back you've got your thoracic strut you can see it here ,IT does have a little bit of adjustability and by adjusting that you actually change the angle of the back support so it's very important like
I said fitments crucial so make sure any neck brace you get mess around with the adjustability that you're getting to ensure that you do get the best fit possible so this neck brace is super lightweight very affordable price point but my only nitpick with the R4K is with the sizing so this neck brace is built to fit a wide variety of body type so it's anywhere over 105 pounds and 5.3 inch  and over is what this is designed to fit. so it's a pretty general pretty broad spectrum of sizing so in my opinion you're just not gonna be able to get as much of a customized fit as you are with some of the other neck braces you're not gonna have as much adjust ability with the R4k but if you're looking for a neck brace at a super lightweight very affordable also very low-profile this would be a great option.


https://amzn.to/2PzolKLWe've got the atlas air. now atlas got to start making neck braces back in 2009  now with the atlas air right off the bat just like with that EVS very lightweight size large comes in at 1.1 pounds also low-profile another one of these neck braces. where you put it on very minimal and that's actually something that Atlas was going for when they made this neck brace they kind of had that saying less is more and I think they did a great job with this brace so a couple of features about this that we really like you're getting good at just ability here, so if you look at the rear back supports you actually have the  smart mounts so with those  you have six different mounting positions to change the angle of the back support so do a great job of allowing the rider to fine-tune this I also really like that with these you can see in the back here they call as split Flex frame technology, and so you can see it actually allows the neck brace to work its way up and down ,so that way as the rider is wearing it as he's moving on and  By this allows the brace to work with the rider and when we talked about earlier you want to have as much contact with the riders body as possible, so I really like that that's allowing this to stay in contact with the body also a big claim ,that Atlas makes with their brace
is that even though it might not look like it they say that actually has up to 27% more contact with the rider's body than the other neck brace is that we're gonna talk about today .so that's a big claim but 27% more means gonna do his job even better so going along with those adjustable back supports you actually do have an extra set of pads that come included, so these actually just go right here underneath so if you want to adjust the height of the neck brace, you can do that as well now the way this openly closes you've got a button right here underneath in the front ,so you press on that that allows it to open and it closes right back up . last thing I want to point out is with these chest mounts what I like is that they actually act more like suspension  for the neck brace itself, so that is the Atlas air  very lightweight, low profile  good adjust ability and I'm a big fan of that split Flex frame technology .

Alpinestars Bns Tech-2

Next up we've got the Bns tech 2 coming from Alpinestars, so we saw the Bns from Alpinestars for many years was a great neck brace very popular. they came out with  the Tech 2 now it looks very similar but they've just refined a couple things to make it a little bit lighter and have a better interface with the riders helmet
so with this it comes in at 1.7 pounds.  there are some features about this product,  that we really like, so the first thing is with the open and closure system , this is personally my favorite system that there is it with any neck brace very easy to operate you have this tab in the front
if you just pull on this it allows you to open and close it very easily. and it's also has  a magnet in there so this  just kind of locks itself in place so very easy to operate I'm a big fan of that, if you look at that's the thoracic strut in the rear a couple features I like here they have their pivot key in the back which actually allows us to move side-to-side so just like with that Atlas air and that split flex frame same concept you're just allowing this to
move and you know move with the riders body to keep that contact ,but also what I like about this is thoracic strut , as you can see you've got the  supports on the back, these are designed to break away if enough force is applied ,which is a safety feature that I like in a neck brace and also a little bonus if you want to dismantle the neck brace for easy storage you can  do that .  now with the Bns you are gonna have adjust ability with the  size adapter system . so you have the  extra plates that will come
included in the box so these will just replace the plates that come with the neck brace now my only nitpick with these because I'm glad that they're giving you adjust ability however in my opinion to adjust these plates does take a little  bit more work than the other neck braces in the lineup, so you're getting that just ability just a little bit more work to do so but overall I'm a big fan of neck brace and again I really like that open and closure system alright,

LEATT GPX 3.5 & 5.5

Last but not least we've got two neck brace
offerings from LEATT.  now cool fact about LEATT that we really like is they were the first company to design in motorcycle-specific neck brace and the two braces that we have up HERE, we've got the 3.5 and  5.5. now I will  say that of all the neck braces that we've SPECIFIED today I enjoy the fitment of  these two than most I think LEATT did a really good job with the fit with the chest support. the way the thoracic
strut works it just gives a nice snug fit to my body so I'm a big fan now the 3.5 this is gonna be the budget-friendly option coming from LEATT now aside from the price point in the fitment some other features that I really like about this the first one is the weight so the 3.5 comes in at 1 pound exactly when we weight it, which means it was the lightest neck brace that we have in our lineup ,the way that this one opens and closes you've got the  red tab up here in the front you're just gonna press on that that allows you to open and close it very easy, now with the thoracic strut just like with the alpine stars what I like is that this is designed to break off if enough force is applied and you are gonna have some adjust ability with this so you can see you have the two red tabs one on each side if you pull those out you have two different mounting positions for that thoracic strut to get that fine-tuned fitment so that's the 3.5 begin very light weight budget-friendly but what you are sacrificing is you're not going to have as much adjust ability as you're going to get with the 5.5 which you're going to talk about now so the 5.5 this is the premium offering coming from LEATT. there's a couple features I want to highlight,  I really like about this brace so first what you opening it's real simple there's a tab here on the right
side underneath if you press on that that allows it to open and close so this is actually a side entrance versus in the front, but what I really like is that on the left side you got this red screw so in the event of a crash if you want to get the neck brace off in two pieces so you don't cause any further injury to
the riders head or neck ,all you have to do is just undo this red screw you can actually just pull the neck brace apart into two pieces so I like that safety feature with the thoracic strut, just like the 3.5 . this is designed to break off when enough force is applied but the big story here that I like so much about this and I talked about this with the fitment earlier is they give you so much adjust ability with the 5.5 by far the most adjust ability that you're going to get with any neck brace that we've shown you so what they actually use is two systems you got your sure fit adjusters so that's gonna be with a thoracic strut and the chest supports so I'll actually show you in the front here you got the red tab ,if you lift this up it'll actually allow you to slide these chest mounts back or forward, and you have four different mounting positions, in the front you have six in the rear, so it's a total of ten different mounting positions and aside from that sure for the adjuster system on the back of the thoracic strut you've actually got the little rubber pieces that you can interchange so with these they come included in the box you have four different positions or angles that you can put with the thoracic strut you can
do from 0 up to 20 degrees so again along with that Sure Fit adjustment which moves it forward and back to adjust more or less the width of the neck brace or the length you can adjust the angle of that thoracic strut as well so overall most adjust ability ,I'm a big fan of that now with a 5.5 this comes in at 1.7 pounds but if you're lacking the design of this you like how much adjustable that you're getting but you do want to save some weight you could come up to the 6.5 which is the exact same neck brace but the chassis the thoracic stat the chest mounts it's all constructed from carbon fiber it's gonna save you some way in that brace actually comes in at 1.4 pounds you are gonna bump up in
price but if you want to save some weight you could go that route as well well that's the 5.5 and the 3.5 coming from LEATT.

Alright so there you have it that is our 2019 neck brace buyer's guide hopefully
this has helped you out giving you a good starting point.  i hope you liked this article. please share ,