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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dirt bike helmet buyers guide 2019

Dirt bike helmet buyers guide 2019

DIRTBIKEFANS helps you to find best helmets , before buying helmets there are somethings to
consider before buying helmets for your dirt bike ,  in this article  we want to discuss some of our top picks and  best-selling premium dirt bike helmets. there's a lot of great options that are out there so it can be difficult choosing which one's gonna be best for you but the good news is is that they're all really good options and honestly I don't think you going  wrong with any one of the helmets  that we're going to list below , motorcycle helmet companies over the last few years have been big making big leaps when it comes to helmet technology making them safer for riders,  so what I'm gonna do is just go through briefly cover some of the key features and the highlights that each one of these helmets has and what makes them unique and when you find one that you're interested in and interested to buy that product ,you will find a link below on every product.  so now with all that out of the way let's get started .

  Alpinestars Super Tech m10

Alpinestars super tech m10   it's our first go at a premium helmet and I think they did a fantastic job, very comfortable helmet it fits true to size.  what the m10 again very comfortable helmet ,size large 3 pounds on the dot .so this is just one of two helmets in our lineup that comes in 3 pounds or less so if you're looking for a lightweight helmet this will not disappoint you. DOTE C certified, gonna get a carbon fiber composite shell that's what's keeping it so lightweight but what is unique and one thing I love the Alpine stars did with this helmet they did a lot of research a lot of development that even the shape of the shell has a very unique shell shape in my opinion they  designed to help absorb into spurts as much impact as possible you can have a breakaway visor that's gonna break away regardless of the angle as long as enough force is applied big safety feature there but internally there's a lot of great features you're gonna have a four piece EPS liner so there's four separate pieces inside this shell and they're different densities and they put those different densities in the areas that are gonna help protect the head the most also what I like is  MIPS liner system built in stands for a multi-directional impact protection system ,so the MIPS liner is a feature that we see in a lot of premium helmets but what is unique to Alpinestars is that they actually have an exclusive MIPS liner sips and that's two pieces instead of one we're just gonna help get a little bit more airflow throughout the helmet with that MIPS liner you're also going to be eject helmet ready so if you want to run the helmet eject removal system it does come ready for that doesn't come included but you can't pick separately ,and the last feature that I like about this is Alpinestars I thought about all riding disciplines not just motocross and off-road riders they actually have pockets cut out into the liner on the inside if you want to run a Bluetooth communication headset so if that's something you like to use so maybe you're doing some adventure riding some dual sport you want to run that blue Bluetooth connected device they allow you to run those speakers inside this helmet but that is the super tech m10 coming from Alpinestars.

Bell moto 9 carbon flex

Next up we've got the moto 9 carbon flex coming from bell, now Bell  they've been making helmetssince the 1950s so it's easy to say that these guys definitely know what they're doing they know how to make a premium helmet some really cool features built in size large comes in at 3 and a half pounds with DOTEC and SNELL certified now this is one of three helmets in the lineup that is Snell certified, for not familiar with that well SNELL is a nonprofit organization known for having some of the most rigorous standards when it comes to
helmet safety and is not cheap to get your helmet Snell certified the helmet manufacturer like Bell has to send their helmet off to them and ask that they run their helmet through their tests to make sure that it meets their standards and that's what a lot of artists look for in helmet is that Snell certification but with this you got to have a carbon fiber composite shell keeps a light weight keeps it strong I like the look the aggressive look of the moto 9 carbon flex there's a lot of cool features in the inside that I really like, I love their cheek pads magnetic cheek pads called MERS very easy to take in and out it's just a convenience thing that I'm a big fan of but, what's unique about Bell the only company doing this they have a three layer liner impact protection system so on the inside of the helmet you have three separate liners and the reason for those is they're different densities and they help absorb impacts that your low your medium in your high speeds you can still have a bad brain injury or head injury at a lower impact or a lower speed and that's why  they have those three different densities to help absorb those at different speeds the other feature I like is they have their slips on which means it's kind of like the MIPS liner system in other words it's just gonna help that liner slip just a little bit to help migrate those rotational forces
and just like we saw with some of the other helmets this is going to be eject helmet removal ready , so it does not come included but again you need to buy separately,  but that's the moto 9 carbon flex from Bell.


FOX RACING V3  comes with MIPS and MVRS coming from Fox Racing if you're a RIDER  that likes to match his gear sets with his helmet well Fox is gonna be a really good brand
to choose because they always have really good riding gear and they always have color words in their helmets to match those now with this size large comes in at 3.2 pounds so very lightweight helmet now keep in mind with fitment with the v3 we feel it runs just a little bit small so if you're right between sizes we would recommend going up one size with the helmet but the liner on the inside of my opinion very  very comfortable now the way they keep the helmet lightweight and also very strong they have their multi composite shell technology so they have four different shell sizes of four different EPS liners which I like on the inside you have dual density EPS liner MIPS liner system comes with the helmet I just mentioned about that  wile  ago what I like about the MIPS liner again it's that slip zone between the riders head and the shell to help migrate those rotational forces and another really cool feature that fox is using in their v3 with MIPS & MVRS . MVRS  stands for magnetic advisor release system and what they've designed the visor on the v3 to do is breakaway like we saw with some of the other helmets in the lineup so when enough force is on  the neck so the visor will break off and the way they do that is with actually with a magnetic system which i think is cool that way if you do have a crash the visor pops off because it is
magnets you can take the visor and actually just pop it back on it's a really cool system again a lot of cool safety features built in really cool color wise again to match the gear that is a v3 with MIPS , MVRS from fox racing .


SHOEI VFX EVO making its way into our premium helmet guide for the first time this is the VFX EVO coming from SHOEI now show is a Japanese company and like Bell helmets we just saw they've been making quality helmet since the  1950s we saw the VFX  which was a premium home for a lot of years but they updated the styling of the shell as well as the advisor for the VFX Evo and now a big new safety feature is their MEDS liner system we'll talk more about that here in just a minute but it's gonna fit true to size very comfortable helmet your DOTE C and SNELL certified like we
just saw off the Bell. now FX Evo  size large comes in at three point seven pounds so it is the heaviest helmet that we have in our lineup so for me three point seven pounds just a little bit heavy for a premium helmet but there's some cool safety features built in you're gonna get their aim plus technology. when it comes to their shell so it's a six ply matrix shell which they say keeps the helmet rigid but also does a very good job of absorbing the impact and the other big feature that I like so much about it is that MEDS liner system and what it is is a separate insert inside the helmet at the top of the riders head which is strategically connected to the helmet by four columns and the purpose for that is to allow to absorb both impacts but also because it can move freely inside the helmet it helps mimigate   those rotational forces , so again that show is take on helping mimigate those rotational forces and those impacts I think it's a really cool system also I just have to say with the VFX Evo one of my favorite looking helmets that is up here very aggressive lines really cool color wise to choose from that is the VFX Evo from SHOEI.

 6D ATR 2

6D ATR 2 last but not least we've got the ATR - coming from 6d now a few years backwhen 6d came out the ATR one in my opinion I think the ATR one really changed the game and how helmet manufacturers were looking at helmet safety and how they were building their helmets,  it has  omni directional suspension technology but the ATR - I own one personally very comfortable helmet fitment is true to size size large comes in at 3.1 pounds so very
lightweight helmet you're gonna be DOTE C  certified you've got a composite shell this helmet my opinion does vent very well but the big standout features that make this helmet so awesome is their  omnidirectional suspension
so what do you have on the inside of the ATR - you have two separate liners you have an outer liner connected to the shell that is a PP which is expanded polypropylene and then you have a separate landing which is EPS expanded polystyrene and those 2 EPS liners are separated by 11 isolation dampeners and the reason for those dampeners is they compress so they absorb impact but they also can move in six degrees of motion hence the name 6D and by allowing those to move in those six degrees of motion it helps mimigate and limit those rotational forces so it was very innovative from 6D when they came out those isolation dampeners and on top of that you've got their low friction discs that between those two liners that act similar to a MIPS liner system where it's allowing those two liner systems to move freely of each other and to mimigatec and help reduce those rotational forces so they're just a lot of cool technology again that's
built into the ATR - from 6D so overall very cool helmet again very lightweight very comfortable and I love that omnidirectional suspension technology that is built thin this is the ATR - from 6D. you like it ?

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