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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dirt Bike Goggles

Dirt Bike Goggles for 2019

We are talking all about goggles now as many of you know we have a lot of great goggle options to choose. some of our top picks and our best-selling goggles that are listed below , we're gonna talk about the key features and the highlights of those, that separate from the rest.

 Scott prospect

We've got the prospect goggle coming from Scott , now the prospects will have been around
a couple years but quickly has become very popular, and for good reason it's a very comfortable goggle ,I really like the fitment of it also nice wide peripheral vision ,something that Scott really wanted to achieve when they designed this goggle having a thinner frame, because you got to remember what the goggle frame the closer you can get that lens to be to your eyes the less tunnel vision you would have, think of it kind of like a camera if you have a
camera you're zoomed all the way in your peripheral vision gets less, but if
you're zoomed all the way out you actually can see more out to the sides, and that's the same concept that you're gonna get with the goggle with the
goggle frame, so I like what they've done they're getting that nice wide peripheral vision, I do like the face foam on these, so it's a triple layer face foam, but this fleece liner against your face has these little dimples in it, so they've actually put those there to help increase the amount of moisture that the goggle can absorb, a nice wide 50 millimeter strap ,I'm a big fan of these I think the 50 millimeter strap looks really good on helmets and looking at the frame, you're going to have an outrigger system but the big story I want to talk about is going to be with their lens lock technology, so it's a
traditional lexan lens that you're getting with the prospect, I really hope that in the future that Scott does go to an injection-molded lens ,but what I do like is their lens lock, so we all know that your lens that's the only thing separating your eyes from a piece of rust from another biker, may be a tree branch, so what they've done they've incorporated four pins you've got two up  on the top two down  on the bottom ,those pins actually lock the lens into place once it's installed so if you do get some rust or a tree or branch that's gonna help prevent that lens from popping out so it's a great safety feature that they've built into, the prospect so again very comfortable super wide peripheral vision, and I'm a big fan of that lens lock technology. 

Fox Racing Vue

We've got the Vue  goggle coming from Fox Racing ,  now something that really stands out about the  Fox Racing Vue goggle is when Fox was designing and developing this goggle they tested it exclusively with Ken Roczen ,so you know when you are testing and building a product with Ken Roczen you're gonna have a really good final product, now I think they did a fantastic job,  it's a little bit pricey but does definitely  GOT some features that I really
like, so first with fitment probably one of the more comfortable goggles that I have worn, I really like the face foam ,just how the goggle fits also injection molded lens,but the big feature that I love so much about this goggle is they're a true lock system, we all know that when it comes to change in a traditional lexan lens depend on the goggle you have it can be kind of a nightmare , sometimes especially if you do have gloves on, so what their true lock system it makes swapping lens is very very easy ,the way you do it is you literally just twist the outriggers they actually come right off of the frame it just takes a few seconds, pop the lens off pop the other lens on, put your outriggers back on and you are good to go, so if you're looking for a goggle  does everything really well but also has a very good lens changing system and definitely the view goggles one you'd want to check out.

100% Racecraft plus  & Accuri
Racecraft plus

 we've got 100% and we've got two goggles from them that we want to share we've got the Racecraft plus & Accuri, now before we dive in we talked about why we like this goggles so much, I do want to talk about fitting with these real quick, so in my opinion the 100% goggles they do fit a little bit narrow I don't have a wide face & not skinny  too , I'm kind of right in the middle . when I put these goggles on the kind of rest right on the edge of my eyes so I kind of have to
stretch them out to get a good comfortable fit so just something to keep in mind if you do have a wider face just remember these are just a little bit narrow in my opinion but aside from that a couple features about these, that really stand out right off in the  market and also what I really like that is unique to 100% is that all the goggles in the line from the premium goggle
Racecraft plus all the way down to the strata ,they all have the same lens shape in other words if you have say in a  Accuri or Racecraft plus or even a strata if you want to all the lenses are going to be interchangeable which i think is pretty cool both the race craft plus what I like about this goggle it's the same frame as a race craft but what they've done now as they now have an injection molded lens in the Racecraft plus so an, injection with a lens I'm a big fan of these, that means are optically correct in other words they are pre curved before you put them into the goggle , so
if you ask me in my opinion I think spending a little extra money to get an injection while the lens is definitely worth it,  but also I think for the price point that you're getting this goggle with an injection molded lens, I think is really fair, the other feature I really like  is you've got quad layer face foam on the back, we don't see that too common with or too often with goggles, so having that quad layer face foam you still couldn't do a little bit better job of absorbing sweat and absorbing moisture, now going to the Racecraft plus if you don't want to spend the premium price but you like the design you'd like to pull colorways then I would say go with the
Accuri from 100%, so the Accuri  the big difference here you're gonna have triple layer face foam instead of quad layer, but triple air still great and you're also not going to get outriggers like you're getting with the  Racecraft plus instead it just allows you to get a good tight fit and it doesn't pull the frame off the riders face so it really just depends if you want the injection or the lens with the outriggers if you want to save a few bucks and then go With  Accuri but that's our pick is 100% .

Spy Foundation 

We have got the  Foundation goggle coming from spy. so this goggle goes all new it came out in 2018 and something I really like about this spy they meant business they did a lot of testing with top level riders including one of the
greatest of all time mr. Jimmy McGrath and you know when you get top level riders like him. you're gonna have a good final product and the big feature about these that to me really stands out as spy claims that these have the widest peripheral vision of any goggle that is on the market ,I have to say I have put  these goggles on back-to-back with all the other goggles that are up here in our lineup and they definitely my opinion do have one of the widest if not the wide peripheral vision, I've got any goggle that I have horn and that's just the truth when I put them on I really do
feel like I can see more out of my peripheral, so if you're looking for a goggle that has a really good wide peripheral vision and definitely this is a goggle that you would want to choose real quick, a couple other features that I do like about it again you're gonna have your outrigger system, the user
happy definition lens, which they say it's going to give a better clarity better vision in different lighting conditions ,but also they say it helps reduce distortion in your peripheral because this is a traditional lexan lens, my only knock on the foundation goggle as I wish that the price would come down a little bit for this goggle ,since you're not getting an injection-molded lens ,but again you just can't beat that peripheral vision, that is the foundation goggle come from spy.

Oakley Airbrake & Frontline 

So last but not least we've got two goggles
from Oakley we want to share with you we've got the Airbrake we've got the Frontline and we'll talk about the
Airbrake first, now a few years back when Oakley came out with the Airbrake in my opinion they changed the game when it, comes to goggles first goggle to have an injection with a lens so optically correct, I also really like that to use pollutant night for the lens material which is a highly impact resistant material, great protection for the riders eyes, there's a couple other features that I really like about, it's a very comfortable goggle, really good vision, but what's unique about this is that just about everything on this goggle is interchangeable, in other words if you want to you can swap out the rigors you could change the frame the strap ,they have a roll-off system and install that it's really simple, all you do is just swap out the outriggers and you're good to go, but the biggest feature is how quick and easy it is to change your lens and also just a lens technology at itself, so they call it their switch lock system ,and my

 opinion  the best lens changing system
that is on the market, & quick it easy to do and  to use, so you've got  two red tabs you have one on each side so when you're ready to swap out a lens or maybe just clean you lens you pull down on this tab pop  up and then once you've done that you literally just pop your lens off,  put it back in and  go, so definitely the fastest best lens changing system that is out there, and also another feature that I really like with Oakland the lenses is they have their prism lens technology ,now some goggles will come with a Prism lens some without,   if you don't have the prism lens you can just buy it separately,what it does it actually separates the shades of brown so if you're out riding on the track it's gonna help you distinguish those different shades or maybe in a wooded area if you have a lot of shadows, it really just helps distinguish those and just give you better clarity, I've actually been using the prism lens now for a while I'm a huge fan and I really do believe in their technology now,from the
Airbrake you've also got the Frontline ,so the things that these two goggles share is they both utilize the same lens technology ,so you're getting that injection molded Plus night lens,  just like with the Airbrake the  Frontline does come with or without the prism lens, but also something to note is that the Frontline does have a 50 millimeter strap , which is wider than the  Airbrake also just a really cool unique look to it, I think you got more that frameless
look to it so a lot of riders if you're choosing between these two might just decide which one they think looks best well ultimately both these goggles are priced about the same , so in my opinion if you were asking me I would say that bang for your buck, if you want the most value for spending this much money I would say the
Airbrake is gonna be the better of the two but ultimately that's gonna be up to you as a rider,

I Hope you learned about dirt bike goggles .  share if you like ,