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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dirt bike boots 2019

Dirt bike boots 2019

Hi guys welcome back to DIRTBIKEFANS,  If you are shopping for a premium dirt bike boot, well check the article and decide after that , it will help you to buy suitable dirt bike boot  one for you , we all know that boots they are a big investment but it can be very difficult to choose which boot you think is gonna be best suited for you and then it is tough, because all the boots that we're going to talk about today they're all so good but me just telling you that that's not going to make it any easier for you so we're gonna help break it down, we're gonna give you some good information to help you know which boot you think might be best suited for you,  I'm going to discuss about some of the key features and the highlights that each one of these boots  has , so without further do let's get started.

Gaerne SG12

First boot  is one that I have worn personally that I'm a big fan of and it, is the SG-12 coming from Gaerne.  so Gaerne is an Italian company known for making very high-quality boots with a very good durability and that's what you're getting here with the SG-12,  the SG-12  was the stiffest boot,  but what you need to know about these and I can tell from my own experience is that they take time to break in ,so be patient with these they're gonna feel stiff ,but the more you ride in them the more flex
the more feel you're gonna have ,so it just takes a little bit of time but what I like also though is that what the toe box is a bit wider, so if we riders with wider feet these will accommodate you better, also the sole if you look at the sole it's a traditional stitched , sole lasts a very long time it is replaceable, it's a dual compound, but just know that with the SG-12 the sole is very stiff that goes along with the boot so you're not gonna have as much feel on the foot pegs with these,  but like I said they're going to last a very long time, a couple of the features I like about these the buckle design ,some of my favorite even when they're muddy gunk ed up with dirt they still operate extremely well you have a glide hinge system on the lateral and medial side, so rather than just pivoting they glide and that works in conjunction with the ax Razorback system ,that is unique that Gaerne uses to help this whole boot just work together, and the last feature that I do like about these is that around the
ankle area you have memory foam padding so right when you slip the boot on very comfortable just remember it takes a little bit time to break in but this is the SG-12 from Gaerne .

Alpinestars tech 10

we've got the all-new tech 10 coming from Alpinestars now if you are familiar with DIRT BIKE boots chances are you know much about the tech 10,  because for
years it's been one of the most popular flagship boots,  Alfonse stars they went back to the drawing board they completely redesign this,  so forget what you know about the old model because a lot has changed now with the fit of the new tech 10,  a little bit wider toe box, so accommodates wide feet well very comfortable right out of the box ,now just like with the SG 12 it's gonna have
a little bit more flex than the SG 12, but you got to keep in mind like we talked about earlier it takes a little bit of time for these to break in ,so if it feels stiff out of the box it's okay just give it some time it will get some more flex down the road,  but with the new model a lot of changes you gona  have a dual pivot system, so lateral and medial side have a pivot that's gonna help with the flexibility , but helpline stars put a lot of emphasis on support and protection for the riders ankles and for the riders feet, so a couple of features I really like you still have the flex plate system in the front ,in the rear we saw that with the previous model that's gonna help with hyper- flexion and hyper-extension, but now what they have  added you'll see in the front it's called frontal flex control system ,so what it essentially does just connects  lower buckle to the upper flex blade ,and that will actually give dampening support ,so in hyper-flexion when the knees bending forward that will help absorb that energy and disperse it through the boot rather to the riders
leg into the riders ankle ,and you will actually feel that when you put this on and you bend forward , you will feel this actually come into play and help absorb that energy, so I'm a big fan of that, the other feature I really like is in the heel so a lot of riders have injuries when it comes to heels from big impacts when   they jump off the bike you hit the eject button in the middle the air ,so what Alpinestars is now done is that in the heel cup area underneath the actual footbed they have an insert that is a poly foam crush able material ,so let's say you go off a jump you hit the eject button you land feet first, well that crushable material is going to help absorb that energy and help reduce the chances of an injury to the riders heel as well as the ankle, and that insert   is replaceable , the last feature I want to talk about with these that I like like I mentioned this is the only boot in the lineup that comes with an inner bootie,  keep in mind you do need to wear the booty to put on the boot these are gonna be way too loose if you try to ride without this, but is a big safety feature you can see on the booty, that you have the torsional bars on the medial and lateral side that is going to give very good lateral
rigidity, so you're getting that good support from the booty, but you're also combining that with the support you already get from the boot itself and overall rock solid boot, thats it from  Alpinestars tech 10,

Fox Racing instinct 2019

Next  boot we are going to discuss now   is the instinct coming from Fox Racing , a couple of things I'll fit in with the instinct you want to keep in mind it fits a little bit narrow in the toe box,  so if you are right between sizes we would actually recommend going up one size,  I've actually bent a lot of time in the instinct and for me personally the boot feels almost the exact same as it does the first day, I put it on and then six months later so the way it feels right out of the box it's how it's gonna feel further down the road, a couple of the things I like it the sole in  this boot ,in my opinion it  gives the most foot-peg feel of all the boots that we've discussed today, so if you like to have a lot of feel on your foot pegs know exactly what's going on underneath your feet no boot in my opinion does it better than the instinct, I love the buckle design very easy to operate, you've got your dynamic core stabilized system  in the rear,  so that's gonna allow to have that good flex right out-of-the-box,  but you can see if you have the  hyper-extension lockout point that I like down at the bottom as well,  and you are going to have a pivot
system on the medial and lateral side as well,  but overall if you're looking for a boot that is super comfortable right out of the box, good flexibility , gonna have a really good feel on the foot pegs, then the instinct is the way to go.

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS

Last but not least, we've got the crossfire three SRS coming from Sidi ,now SRS stands for soul replacement system , first fitment with the crossfire 3 it's going to be a little bit more of a narrow toolbox when you compare this to the Tect10 or the SG 12,  so just keep that in mind but what I like about this is that right out of the box you are gonna have quite a bit more flexion
compared to the tech 10, so  if you like a boot right out of the box that have a little bit more flex not as much break-in time then I think this would be a really good option ,now first glance you'll notice very unique looking boot ,  what Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS has done here you can see lots of hard plastic parts, great protection but you're going to notice screws on the outside and the reason for that it's pretty much everything  this is going to be replaceable ,so in any parts that wear out you can just take them off and replace it ,that's what all the screws are for, so if something goes off replace it  like the shim plate, the calf plate, the protectors around the ankle replaceable it , everything is replaceable , and that leads me to the SRS sole so it stands for sole replacement system there's a lot of riders out there that don't like the idea of sending off their boot to either the boot company or to a shoe cobbler to have their sole replaced, so Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS just says you know what do it from your own home , now a couple things about the sole that I want to point out is that I love the sole replacement system but something you need to know is that this sole is very stiff it doesn't have as much feel on the foot peg as
some of the other boots  so just keep that in mind if you're a rider that likes to have a lot of feel in the foot peg and know exactly what's going on underneath your feet this is gonna be a little bit stiffer a little bit more rigid, so just keep that in mind but you're gonna notice with the ankle that you have a pivoting system on the lateral medial side is actually more of a glide system ,and what I like is that you do have the hyper extensions that are built-in so it's going to give good protection for the ankle but overall rock solid boot from Sidi I'm a big fan again everything on here is replaceable so it's gonna give you great longevity just remember a little bit more of a narrow toe box but overall very unique boot from Sidi  .

Thats it about dirt bike boots 2019. feel free to comment and share if you like this article .