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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Where to mount a License plate on your dirt bike

Where to mount a License plate on your dirt bike 

Where to mount a License plate on your dirt bike

When I first bought my  dirt bought I was little confused where to mount my license plate even  
my friends suggested some places , I finally come up with some ideas that I'm going to tell u soon, 
maybe that will help u a little bit,

So where to mount license plate? the best spot is behind ur number mount, in some states, 
it's a law that u should have ur license plate on your dirt bike.

My personal  preference

My personal preference place to mount license plate is between front plastic and handlebar so that it 
won't spoil your bikes rugged look. Its illegal to hide your license plate behind your front plastic, if I
 pulled over by any chance I will be nice and polite to the officer and I try to get away without taking
 ticket, this trick worked for me , I can't assure that it will work for everybody but u can try if  u been to
 that situation,

You may face difficulty while mounting the license plate on Yamaha TTR230, licence plate may not fit 
perfectly, bcz of the brake wire and some cable, give a shot, in some home honda 110 it worked well.

Mounting license plate on rear fender is my second option, just drill the rear fender and mount or use
 the bracket like this cheap one on Amazon to mount your license plate . to ur good to go, by this 
method you are not violating any law.

These methods are enough if u riding dirt bike on a plain surface if you are a pro biker then hiding
 your license plate is the best method. 

Where to mount a License plate on your dirt bike 

License plate not required

In many us jurisdictions DMV plates are required only to ride on the local street or public roads.
A small off-road vehicle license plate is enough to drive dirt bike on off roads and on forest regions,
 often not required on offroad, but  outdoor registration sticker is a must 

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