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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Recommended tire pressure for dirt bike

Recommended tire pressure for dirt bike


Hi folks so today we are going to talk about the tire pressure On your dirt bike
 surely it's very important to do most of the traction possible, and so i usually  
run about 12 PSI That's like right in the middle, the maximum can go up to 15 PSI
 but I usually use 12 PSI on front and rear it works well for me. this is the perfect
 pressure to get the most traction out from your dirt bike tires.So I just run 12psi   
It was pretty good for me also make sure you want your spokes are overlooked its a 
part of your Dirt Bike ,Loose spokes can really affect the way your wheel Performance 
If your spokes is not tightened you might get some wobble, some headshake, at high 
speed or something like that, So just go around and make sure your spokes Are snug  
not super tight, Not lose though,

Conclusion :

12 psi on both wheel, 15psi  at the most

Check  spokes