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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

how to maintain my 4 stroke dirt bike for beginners

How to maintain 4 stroke dirt bike for beginners

how to maintain my 4 stroke dirt bike for beginners


hi guys!
welcome to Dirtbikefans you got a dirt bike and you're trying to maintain it, so in this article, we are going to talk about the three most important items that you should always do.

step 1 : Air filter

The engine in dirt bike is very simple it's just like any another living being it needs to breathe it needs to eat and it needs maintenance too. number one would be the air filter. I think one of the most important parts of the engine maintenance in the dirt bike is air filter,
if your air filter is dirty and is full of dirt, your bike cannot breathe ,its very difficult for your bike to get air ,you need air and fuel in order for engines to work so if your air filter is dirty your bike will run not very good it will be too rich and you just not have fun on a bike if your air filter is dirty doesn't have enough oil on it then there will be a dirt particles that will go through it and they will damage your engine from inside, it may go inside a combustion chamber and just scratch your cylinder and piston and ur engine will wear out quickly, it's very important item you gotta clean your air filter.  I would like to suggest u clean your dirt bike filter after every single ride. I don't go for the second ride on the same filter I have a stock of at least four filters for my RMZ so I can clean them and always have a new clean oiled filter ready for a new ride.


you have two options you can go with (petroleum products or non petroleum )products well the non petroleum products I would say easy to clean easy to apply and also they are biodegradable so you can flush them down the toilet or you can even clean it in your kitchen sink but whatever you choose as long as you keep your air filter clean and oiled after every single ride you're good to go

step 2 : Oil change 

Dirt bike engine is not the same as your car engine, you cannot go 3,000 miles on the same engine oil .dirt bikes have very small engine gives you a lot of horsepower as a high compression ratio and it's revving really high like thirteen fourteen thousand rpm so you need to change oil very frequently what i recommended is somewhere around four to
six hours I do four to six hours of my four stroke what it means four to six hours it
means that you go for two rides on a track and you need to change your oil so
every two ride I'll change my oil every four ride and I change oil and an oil filter,

I keep this very clear, my advise is don't ride more than six hours on the same oil keep that and your bike will run for a long time on the two-stroke is a little bit different because two-strokes lubricated through your fuel as well so I would run up to 10 hours on the two-stroke and then change oil , doesn't really matter what kind of oil you use
pick one you like that is a budget-friendly do some research check some forums see what other people use is what they say and make your decision

step 3: Cooling

the engines has to be cooled down at all time you have to make sure you have enough coolant in your radiator so before every single right I open that cap and check if I have enough coolant in there so you need air you need all and you need to cool the bike down if you are missing coolant even though you have enough oil even though you have your air filter is clean if your bike will overheat you will eventually damage your engine so makesure before every single ride I'll open the cap radiator and check if your coolent is full if you don't see the level when you open it , you are supposed to see the fluid level if you don't see get your coolant and fill it up it'svery essential very important that you keep the radiator full at all times .

one more advice

if you are having a dirt bike that is a motocross dirtbike and then you take it on the trails and you know technical trails where you are in first-second gear you don't really go very fast that dirt bike tends to overheat because the way dirt bike is cooled is
when the air flows to the radiator so when you are on the track you are flying on a track that you have enough airflow to cool bike down but if you are on a single track and it's very slow then you don't have enough airflow to cool the bike down I would suggest if you have bike like that consider getting a fan that you connect to your battery or just connect to your stator and the fan will come on when the temperature will come to a certain point and will help you to cool the bike down .


just 3 things to maintain your 4 stroke dirt bike for beginners

  1. air filter
  2. oil change
  3. coolant
I hope you liked this article. see u soon with next article.

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