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Thursday, November 29, 2018

how to do wheelie on a dirt bike

How to do wheelie on a dirt bike


https://www.dirtbikefans.com/2018/11/how-to-do-wheelie-on-dirt-bike.htmlHi guys nice to see you all today we are going to learn about how to do wheelie 

on a dirt bike alright by first thing we are talk about is what to wear , make sure you 
wear long pant and long shirt r even sweatshirt,make sure u wear  gloves and helmet
 too, bcz safety is important .

Lets start from slow wheelies,

what I like to do is just study throttle as I approach where my takeoff  is have one 
finger on the clutch and my foot covering the rear brake and what i try to do is ,
  start from standing position into sitting position . by giving smooth throttle to get 
it up to what I consider the balance . And then just smooth throttle control  while I'm 
actually holding the front wheel up and just have your finger on the clutch and your
 foot on the rear brake just in case .

so basically you just try to be smooth and trying to Study Centre over at the balance.
 Point So they do not  tips from side to side any of the controls you just want to operate 
smooth you don't want to stab the rear brake or stab at the throttle or stab at the clutch,
everything is just soft adjustment even your body portion you want to do everything 
radical you don't hung way off the back or hang wavefront just kind to stay neutral 
don't do anything to radical want to say neutral and make small Moves, just a Wheel
 in general you would kind a sort of which shift to get it started so you are shifting your 
weight from the front of the bike to the rear of the bike while giving  throttle ,so you
 actually want to compress the forks a little bit give it some throttle and that should lift 
the front end, as always start small and work your way up, that's not going to happen in
 the first try but something that can be a lot of fun you can start with small wheelies 
 and ride them everywhere try for youself , it will come out well .


points to remenber 

Only slow movements 
Keep foot on break always  
Start wheelie from standing position to sitting position  

Learn how to do Nose wheelie

pic courtesy : Tyler monagan

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